Ava rinsed her mouth with water as she stared at herself in the mirror. Her large woodsy-green eyes were filling with revenge. How dare you flaunt your unborn baby in my face. Her eyes darkened in the mirror. And to watch that fat demon make three after what he did to me? What kind of man are you? Tell me? Who the F**k are you? You f*****g son of a whoring bitch!

“Are you okay in there?” asked Michelle outside the door.

“Just washing up,” replied Ava in a sing-songy-manner. She then rinsed her mouth one last time and shut off the water. As she reached for the decorative hand towel, she noticed a bottle of nail loish and an old-fashioned, sharp metal nail file on the marble countertop.

Ava picked up the knife-like nail file with all her might as she slowly reached for the doorknob.

“Trust me, it gets better in a few weeks,” shouted Michelle.

Ava’s large green eyes were turning black with murderous rage. . .

“You really are sick in there, aren’t you?”


“Ava. . . are you okay?”


Then suddenly Ava SPRUNG OPEN the door, leapt out of the bathroom and shoved the metal file into Michelle’s face. In response, Michelle bent backwards, terrified.

“I can’t believe they still make these.” Ava stood cool and calm as a Druid tree.

Michelle breathed heavily for a few moments. . . then started laughing, recovering from the false alarm.

“Oh, did I scare you? Bless your heart.”

Michelle continued laughing at herself. “You scared the hell out of me. How silly?”

Ava joined in on the laughter. “How rude of me. I am so sorry.”

“And yes, they do still make those. I`ll grab you one next time I go to Piggly Wiggly.”


-The raping of Ava DeSantis
Page 223-224



Picture Me Gone- meg rosoff


And I think, OK. So a dog isn’t the most important thing. But a dog like Honey loves one person completely, unwaveringly, with perfect faith. That has to be more important than most things.

And Gabriel, I say. He has Gabriel too. Gil says nothing but I know the answer. The answer is that Gabriel can’t save Mathew any more than Gil can, or Honey. Or Jake. But we are all woven together, like a piece of cloth, and we all support each other, for better or worse. Gabriel is just a baby but eventually he will see the world and his father as they are: imperfect, dangerous, peppered with betrayals and also with love.

I cannot think about these things any longer. I droop against Gil and inhale the familiar scent of him, and he puts his arm around my shoulders and tells me to go to sleep now, not to worry about anything.

the world will trundle along, he says, and kisses the top of my head. Despite us thinking it must grind to a halt. The world has seen worse than us, Perguntadora. It is not so easily shocked.

I rest against him, aware of how tightly we are bound together, through thick and thin. For the moment I have stopped thinking of a time when we will no longer have each other. Marieka was right to tell me to take care of Gil. He and I will watch over one another as long as we are alive, and Marieka will watch over us both, each of us according to our capacity for care. I will not always be happy, but perhaps, if I`m lucky, I will be spared the agony of adding pain to the world.

And then I close my eyes and drift off to the great white noise of the engines, dreaming of a future I know nothing about.