The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith



“Can you believe that was only yesterday?”

Another plane crosses the patch of sky above them, and Hadley leans into Oliver as they watch, their eyes trained on the bright dots of light. After a moment , he nudges her forward gently so that he can stand up, then offers her a hand.

“Let’s dance.”


“I was thinking inside, actually.” He glances around- his eyes skipping from the carpeted steps to the restless bellhop to the cars lining up outside the entrance- then nods. “But why not?”

Hadely rises to her feet and smoothes her dress, and then Oliver positions his hands like a professional ballroom dancer , one on her back and the other in the air. His form is perfect, his face serious, and she steps into his waiting arms with a  sheepish grin.

“I have no idea how to dance like this.”

“I`ll show you,” he says, but they haven’t moved an inch. They’re just standing there, poised and ready, as if waiting for the music to begin, both of them unable to stop smiling. His hand on her back is like something electric, and being here like this, so suddenly close to him, is enough to make her lightheaded. It’s a feeling like falling, like forgetting the words to a song.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” she says, her voice soft. “I can’t believe you found me.”

“You found me first,” he says, and when he leans to kiss her, it’s slow and sweet and she knows that this will be the one she always remembers, because while the other two kisses felt like endings, this one is unquestionably a beginning.

-Page 211-212
The statistical probability of love at first sight.










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