Pretty Little Liars-Book 1


Ezra called on Devon Arliss next and she started her speech. As Ezra turned to the side and put his finger on his chin, listening, Aria throbbed. Aria wanted him so badly it made her whole body buzz.
No, wait. That was just her cell phone, which was nestled in her oversize lime-green tote next to her foot.
The thing kept buzzing. Aria slowly reached down and pulled it out. One new text message:


     Maybe he fools around with students all the time. A lot of teachers do….Just ask your dad! –A

Aria quickly snapped her cellphone shut. But then she opened it and read the message again. And again. As she did, the little hairs on her arms stood straight up.
No one in the rooms had their phones out-not Hanna, nor Noel, nobody. And no one was looking at her, either. She even looked up on the ceiling and out the classroom door, but nothing seemed out of place. Everything was quite and still.
“This can’t be happening,” Aria whispered.
The only person who knew about Aria’s dad was…..Alison. And she’d sworn on her grave she wouldn’t tell a sou. Was she back?

– (Pretty little liars- Sara Shepard.
Book 1, page 139)


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